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襄城区治疗宫颈糜烂多少钱襄阳哪里人流做得好Adding classes in yoga, meditation and other so-called mind-body regimens is just one way fitness professionals in the financial district are responding to recent economic uncertainties roiling their corporate clientele. Some are also offering shorter, cheaper personal training sessions and, in at least one health club, quiet discounts for members who lose their jobs.Amid layoffs, concerns about staying buff could seem trivial. (Imagine the headline “World Markets Near Collapse: Muscle Tone Under Threat.f221;) Yet, businesspeople themselves wonder how a perilous financial climate will affect their physical fitness — and if exercise could help them weather hard times.Some struggle to squeeze in any workouts at all. But others, like Amy Sturtevant, an investment director for Oppenheimer amp; Company in Washington, find themselves doubling down on conditioning for relief. “Professionals are doing their best not to panic, but I know a lot of professionals who are panicking” about the markets, she said. “The only way to get away from it is to have some kind of outlet.”Ms. Sturtevant, a mother of four, is training for her fourth marathon. With brokerage clients needing more hand-holding, she said, she stints on sleep rather than skip her 5 a.m. daily boot camp and 20-mile weekend runs.But one of Ms. Sturtevant’s training partners, a portfolio manager, said in an e-mail message that she had not been as diligent as Ms. Sturtevant and had been “scarce” at their workouts. The portfolio manager said she had weathered some tough financial cycles, “but this one has been uniquely disabling.”“Forget the 5 o’clock wake-up to run,” she wrote. “Who is sleeping?”One business owner, Sheri David, is backsliding for business reasons. As chief executive of Impressions on Hold, a company based in New York that sells corporate voicemail systems, a tougher sales environment has meant Ms. David sees more of her customers and less of her personal trainer. Over the summer, she dropped from five sessions a week to three; by mid-September, she said, “it turned into one day for one hour.”Her trainer, Chris Hall, chides Ms. David to make time and, when she does, to tune out her BlackBerry, she reported. “But I say, ‘You don’t understand — there’s 27,000 reasons I have to pay attention,’ ” referring to her accounts.For his part, Mr. Hall — whose clients have included Catherine Zeta-Jones — is now offering 30-minute, “high-core, high-intensity” sessions and shared workouts, he said, “because people don’t necessarily have as much time as they used to, and they don’t want to spend as much money.”According to the International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association, there are 41.5 million health club members in the ed States. To keep them on the roster, clubs may be willing to bargain. Most customers who quit the Telos Fitness Center in Dallas, for example, must pay to rejoin. But, for suddenly strapped longtime members, “I’ll put a note in their file and we’ll let them pick up their membership without any fees,” said Clarisa Duran, the center’s sales and marketing director.For Plus One, which operates in-house fitness centers, corporate accounts are the issue; until recently, its major accounts included the investment banks Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. Though still operating in all of those except Bear Stearns (which closed in March), the company now must look to its recent expansion in other regions and industries for growth, said Tom Maraday, the senior vice president. (Google is one new client.)“We’re a little experienced with stress because we went through 9/11 down here,” said Grace DeSimone, Plus One’s national director of group fitness. When disaster strikes, she noted, demand for yoga goes up, and on-site gyms exert a special pull: “People come and they want someone to talk to — it’s like Cheers.”And, as in a bar, the televisions stay on. “In the banks, we have to keep the news on,” Mr. Maraday said. But at Cadence Cycling and Multisport Centers, TV’s show training s rather than CN, because “we want this to be an escape,” said Mikael Hanson, director of performance for Cadence in New York.During the Bear Stearns collapse, as becalmed financiers sought their escape, midday classes at the in-house gym grew crowded, according to a former Bear Stearns trader who declined to be named. When the final ax fell, they lost not just jobs but access to a club offering “everything,” she recalled, a hint of longing in her voice.“They even gave you the shirts and shorts so you didn’t have to worry about laundry.” Now she can no longer get in her daily 5:30 a.m. workout. Her new employer has no gym and, with the markets erupting, her workday starts even earlier. “I wish there was a gym that opened at 5 in midtown,” the trader said, “but there isn’t.”Stephanie Shemin Feingold misses a cushy fitness center, too. Since leaving a Midtown law firm in June to work at a nonprofit in Harlem, she’s been using her apartment building’s spartan fitness room. “When there are only three tmills, it can get crowded pretty quickly,” she said.“I’m lucky if I get in 20 minutes instead of the hour I used to do,” Ms. Shemin Feingold said. “My pants are getting tight. I’m going to have to figure out a new routine, because I can’t afford a new wardrobe.”Fitness matters more than ever if you’re laid off, career counselors advise, not just for health, but to network and stay positive. “The last thing you want is to gain 20 pounds during a job search, ” said Dr. Jan Cannon, author of “Finding a Job in a Slow Economy.” “That just compounds that sense of, ‘What’s wrong with me?’ ”Exercise, she added, can also spur creativity. “You know how we always have those ‘aha’ moments in the shower?” Dr. Cannon said. In the same way, “a good brisk walk can be very helpful.”Jenny Herring, a Des Moines financial writer, usually walks or bikes for respite from the fulltime job search she began in June, after being downsized as part of the subprime mortgage fallout. But one day last month, feeling frustrated when her phone refused to ring, she varied the routine: “I said, I’m going to get outside, and I mowed the front and back yards” for exercise.For a motivated few, extra time for conditioning actually proves a rare upside of unemployment. “A lot of people who are between jobs are using this downtime to go after a goal,” like a triathlon, said Mr. Hanson of Cadence Cycling.Dr. Cannon recalled a client whose workouts last spring “got more frequent as time went on” — to block out the disappointment, and to give her something to get up and do every day.“She lost 40 pounds.” /200811/55457襄阳市有哪些好的粉刺医院 Author Jeremy Safron has a unique philosophy on food: Don't cook it. Safron, a pioneer in the raw-food movement, is out with a new book, The Raw Truth, which outlines the benefits of raw food. He writes that vital enzymes in our food that are eliminated during processing and heating can aid in digestion and provide energy and nutrition.作家Jeremy Safron在食物方面有着自己一套独特的理论:吃生食。 Safron是吃生食运动的先锋队员,还出了一本书“生 理”,讲诉了吃生食的好处。他在书中写道:食物中的酶能够帮助我们消化,给我们提供营养与能量。但这些酶却消失在了我们烹饪加热的过程中。Safron has these tips for getting started on a raw diet:如果你也想尝试着开始吃生食,Safron给你一些小提示:Re-create. Get creative: Instead of your favorite angel-hair pasta, try substituting shredded zucchini to go with your marinara sauce.再创造。加点创意吧,不要再想着你最爱的天使面,试试看南瓜丝加番茄酱。Have a raw party. Hosting a potluck is a great way to introduce your family and friends to the raw-food concept and try new dishes.举办生食派对。举办一次生食派对,这可是绝佳的机会让你的亲朋好友们了解生食,并亲自尝试哦。Take it slow. For those of us raised on meat and potatoes, transitioning to a 100% raw diet can take up to three years. Dehydrated foods — such as dried fruits and herbs, which allow for a greater intake of nutrients — can help to ease the transition.慢慢来。 像我们这种大鱼大肉惯了的人,要完全转变成一个生食者,可能要用上3年的时间。脱水食物-----像坚果,脱水蔬菜,能给我们提供更丰富的营养,让这个转变过程轻松点儿。Get closer to your food. The closer you are to the source of your food, the fresher and more vital it is. Try contacting local farmers, checking out a farmers market or even growing food in your own yard.与食物更亲密。 你与你的食物来源越接近,你吃下的食物也就越新鲜,越有营养。试着联系你当地的农民伯伯,找两家农批市场 或者干脆就在你自己的院子里种植食物吧! /201103/129416Do you have the habits of a successful person? Your habits alone determine who you become. Your habits alone determine if you succeed. 你有成功人士所有的习惯吗?仅仅你的习惯就能决定你能成为谁,是否迈向成功。 James Allen said, "We are anxious to change our circumstances, but we are unwilling to change ourselves." 詹姆斯·艾伦曾经说过:“我们都努力去改变我们周围的环境,但我们都不愿意去改变我们自己。” Put it another way, we are anxious to succeed, but we are unwilling to create the habits that cause success. 换句话来说,我们都很努力想要迈向成功,但我们却都不愿意去培养那些带来成功的习惯。The Law of Habit 习惯的黄金定律 The Law of Habit states that the more frequently you perform a task the easier is becomes to perform that task the next time, and consequently, the more difficult it becomes not to perform the task. 习惯的黄金定律表明:一件事情,你完成的次数越多,就越容易去完成这一件事,也就是说,这件事情就会变得越来越容易了。 If you go the same way to work everyday, you would find it difficult to go in a different direction, simply because we are creatures of habit, and we protect the habits that we have, good or bad. 如果你每天都走同一条路去上班,你会发现你很难再另寻他径。那仅仅是因为我们是有习惯的生物,我们会不论好与坏地去保护我们所现拥有的习惯。 Over 90 percent of the tasks that we complete are rooted in habit: the way we put on our shirt, brush our teeth, skip flossing at night, all are rooted in habit. 我们完成的事情有超过90%都已经根深蒂固地成为了习惯,就像我们穿衣的方式、刷牙的方式、晚上剔牙的方式等等。 Our habits are a very powerful tool, and when used to our benefit can be life altering. However, they can also be used to our detriment. 我们的习惯是一个非常强大的工具,当我们把习惯运用在对我们有利的地方时,将会是终生受用的。然而,习惯也会对我们造成伤害。The Purpose of Discipline and Will Power 纪律和意志力的目的 Discipline will only get you so far. In order to make progress you need to tap into the power of your subconscious mind, the source of your habits. 纪律能帮到你的始终有限。你只有把好习惯的力量潜移默化地融入潜意识中,才会有所提高。 The subconscious mind is the “work horse” of the mind because it controls your habits; it manages the “habits” that accounts for your life. 潜意识是大脑的忠实地执行者,它操纵着那些与你生活息息相关的习惯。 If you have good habits programmed into your subconscious mind, then you will do good things, and you will succeed. And, if you have bad habits programmed into your subconscious mind, then you will act accordingly. 如果你拥有一个好的习惯,你就会去做一些对自己有益的事情,一步一步迈向成功。但如果你有些根深蒂固的坏习惯,你也会相应地表现出来。 Discipline and will power are to be used to create the right habits, and then those habits will give you the life you desire. 纪律和意志力都能帮你培养一些好的习惯,那些习惯会协助你过上自己想要的生活。 /201109/153641襄阳四院女子医院概况

襄阳市四院流产手术多少钱襄阳第四人民医院妇科医院治疗盆腔炎多少钱 Stress caused by a slowing economy, shrinking retirement accounts and rising unemployment rates is driving some American smokers to increase the habit or delay quitting, according to a new survey.A quarter of smokers who are worried about the economy said fretting over it has driven them to smoke more each day, while another 13 percent said they have delayed quitting."The turbulent global stock markets have caused virtually every American a certain level of stress. Those who also struggle with an addiction to tobacco products are at an increased disadvantage. Quitting smoking under normal circumstances is one of the most difficult things you can do. ”Cheryl Healton, the president and CEO of the American Legacy Foundation, said in a statement.The Washington, D.C.-based anti-smoking advocacy group commissioned Harris Interactive to conduct the online poll of 2,375 Americans 18 years old and older.Women smokers were more likely to smoke more due to worries about the economy, with 31 percent reporting they did, compared to 17 percent of men.A higher percentage (38 percent) of lower-income smokers-- those with a household income of ,000 or less -- reported that they smoke more cigarettes per day due to the economy, the survey showed.Unemployed smokers were also more likely to boost smoking due to the financial crisis, with 29 percent smoke more compared to 17 percent of employed smokers.Former smokers are also not immune to the trend. The survey showed that seven percent of current smokers said their anxiety about the economy had driven them to start smoking again, while nine percent of former smokers were tempted to resume the habit.But hard times have also encouraged smokers to be more thrifty. One fifth of smokers who are stressed about the economy said they switched to a cheaper brand to save money. 一项最新调查显示,经济放缓、退休金减少和失业率不断上升让美国人不堪重压,一些烟民则因此增大了吸烟量或推迟了戒烟计划。调查显示,在对经济状况感到担忧的烟民中,四分之一的人称心情忧虑使得他们每日的吸烟量增大,另有13%的人称他们推迟了戒烟计划。总部位于华盛顿的反吸烟组织美国遗产基金会的总裁兼CEO谢丽尔#8226;希尔顿在一份声明中说:“全球股市动荡给每个美国人都造成了一定程度的压力。而那些正在戒烟的人压力更大,在正常的环境下戒烟就已经十分困难了。”这项在线调查由该机构委托哈里斯互动公司开展,共对2375名年龄在18岁以上的美国人进行了调查。调查表明,女性烟民更易因担心经济而增加吸烟量,其中有31%的人如此;而男性烟民的这一比例为17%。此外,较低收入(家庭年收入不到3.5万美元)烟民的这一比例更高,38%的人称由于担心眼下的经济状况,他们现在抽得更凶。同时,失业烟民受金融危机的影响也更大,其中有29%的人吸烟量增大,而这一比例在未失业烟民中为17%。已经戒烟的人也难免受影响。调查显示,7%的受访者称自己原本已戒烟,但由于心情焦虑,现在又开始复吸,另有9%的人称他们由于经不住诱惑而犯了老毛病。而眼下的经济不景气则让很多烟民变得更加节约,五分之一的人称,为了省钱,现在他们改抽便宜的牌子了。 /200811/55796襄阳南漳县盆腔炎哪家医院最好的

襄樊红十字医院人工流产多少钱Two travelling angels stopped to spend the night in the home of a wealthy family. The family was rude and refused to let the angels stay in the mansion's guestroom. Instead the angels were given a small space in the cold basement. As they made their bed on the hard floor, the older angel saw a hole in the wall and repaired it. When the younger angel asked why, the older angel replied, "Things aren't always what they seem."The next night the pair came to rest at the house of a very poor, but very hospitable farmer and his wife. After sharing what little food they had the couple let the angels sleep in their bed where they could have a good night's rest. When the sun came up the next morning the angels found the farmer and his wife in tears. Their only cow, whose milk had been their sole income, lay dead in the field. The younger angel was infuriated and asked the older angel how could you have let this happen? The first man had everything, yet you helped him, she accused. The second family had little but was willing to share everything, and you let the cow die."Things aren't always what they seem," the older angel replied. "When we stayed in the basement of the mansion, I noticed there was gold stored in that hole in the wall. Since the owner was so obsessed with greed and unwilling to share his good fortune, I sealed the wall so he wouldn’t find it.""Then last night as we slept in the farmers bed, the angel of death came for his wife. I gave him the cow instead. Things aren't always what they seem."Sometimes that is exactly what happens when things don't turn out the way they should. If you have faith, you just need to trust that every outcome is always to your advantage. You might not know it until some time later...Some people come into our lives and quickly go…Some people become friends and stay awhile...leaving beautiful footprints on our hearts...and we are never quite the same because we have made a good friend!!Yesterday is history.Tomorrow a mystery.Today is a gift.That's why it's called the present!I think this life is special...live and savour every moment...This is not a dress rehearsal! 两个旅行中的天使到一个富有的家庭借宿。这家人对他们并不友好,并且拒绝让他们在舒适的客房过夜,而是在冰冷的地下室给他们找了一个角落。当他们在硬邦邦的地板上铺床时,年长的天使发现墙上有一个洞,就顺手把它修补好了。年轻的天使问为什么,年长的天使答到:“有些事并不象它看上去那样。”第二晚,两人又到了一个非常贫穷的农家借宿。主人夫妇俩对他们非常热情,把仅有的一点点食物拿出来款待客人,然后又让出自己的床铺给两个天使。第二天一早,两个天使发现农夫和他的妻子在哭泣--他们唯一的生活来源,一头奶牛死了。年轻的天使非常愤怒,他质问年长的天使为什么会这样,第一个家庭什么都有,为什么还帮助他们修补墙洞,第二个家庭尽管如此贫穷还是热情款待客人,而他却没有阻止奶牛的死亡。“有些事并不象它看上去那样。”年长的天使说,“当我们在地下室过夜时,我从墙洞看到墙里面堆满了金块。因为主人被贪欲所迷惑,不愿意分享他的财富,所以我把墙洞填上了,不让他发现金子。“昨天晚上,死亡之神来召唤农夫的妻子,我让奶牛代替了她。所以有些事并不象它看上去那样。”有些时候事情的表面并不是它实际应该的样子。如果你有信念,你只需要坚信付出总会得到回报。你可能不会发现,直到后来…有些人走进我们的生活然后很快就离开了…有些人成为朋友并稍作停留… 在我们的心里留下美丽的足印。因为有了一个好朋友,我们会变得跟从前不一样!!昨天是历史。明天是一个谜。今天是一份礼物。这才是今天存在的意义!我觉得这就是人生的特别之处...体验和品味着生活的点点滴滴…生活并非排! /200804/34780 在超市,我们会遇到很多不懂的单词,因为日常生活中的英语其实是最难的。比如你想要一样东西,但又不知如何说,在请求帮助时,试着换种方法去描述它,总能找到解决的办法。In super market, we may meet all kinds of problems, for instance, when we have to tell the shop assistant what we want. alcohols酒襄樊市中心医院治疗妇科炎症多少钱襄阳天和医院治疗子宫内膜炎多少钱




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