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How To Give And Receive Compliments VideoJug and etiquette expert Diana Mather of PublicImage.com, have prepared a film on how to give and receive compliments. Giving and receiving compliments can help strengthen bonds and improve relationships, so listen carefully to these simple tips.Step 1: Be sincere(真诚)The key to giving compliments is sincerity. There is something about a fake compliment that is easy to spot, and is embarrassing for both giver and receiver. A good compliment is a little outburst of enthusiasm and positivity, and as such should be delivered spontaneously and simply. If you prepare compliments in advance, or think too much about what you are going to say before you say it, you may end up sounding too smooth or too polished, which is suspicious. So the rule should be, as soon as you are moved to say something nice, do so.Step 2: Be simple and specific(简介明了)Be specific and concentrate on a single achievement rather than making a generalization. This shows sincerity because you realize the importance of that achievement. For example, instead of saying 'you are an excellent cook', compliment them on a specific dish, 'That quiche was simply delightful'.Be wary of damning with faint praise, so don't qualify your statement by saying 'That quiche was excellent - considering the state of your kitchen'. Do not compare their achievement to somebody else's, or some other achievement. A compliment needs to flatter the receiver on it's own merits.Step 3: Be timely(及时)Giving a compliment in a timely manner is just as important as the sincerity of your compliment. So aim to deliver the compliment very soon after the achievement you are complimenting has been attained. A compliment given in front of others conveys the fact that you want witnesses to hear proof of its sincerity.If for some reason you miss the window of opportunity to make a spontaneous compliment, you can always come up with an excuse to write a note afterwards- a card saying thanks for dinner for example- and include your compliment within it.Step 4: Receiving a compliment(接受称赞时)When someone compliments you, the simple steadfast rule is to smile and say thank you. Do not shrug off a compliment or disagree with what they are saying as this will show that you think the other person's judgment is poor, and dissuade them from complimenting you in future. Another important rule is to not upscale a compliment. For example if someone says to you: "The board of directors liked your presentation today" Do not say something like: "Liked it? They absolutely loved it. It blew them away."Another thing you should avoid if you have been given a compliment, is to immediately reply with one back. This can sound insincere, even if you mean what you say.201003/97793How To Practice Positive Thinking on Howcast A few simple attitude adjustments can make you happier and healthier. Here’s how to harness the power of positivity.You Will NeedOptimism Visualization Happy friends Gratitude journal Step 1: Be an optimist(做一个乐观的人)Expect things to work out. Optimists have reason to be cheery: studies have shown optimists are more successful and healthier than pessimists.Step 2: Look at the bright side(多想想事情好的一面)Instead of focusing on the negative, try to find something positive in every negative situation. This will train your brain and help positive thinking come more naturally to you.Step 3: Visualize success(多想想自己的成功)Picture yourself succeeding at challenging events. Visualizing yourself as strong and triumphant primes you to make it happen — which is why athletes have been using this trick for years.The more vivid the imagery, the likelier it will work. So engage all your senses in the fantasy — smell, taste, feel, sounds.Step 4: Catch happiness(抓住每一个幸福的瞬间)Surround yourself with happy people. It’s easier to stay positive when you’re with other cheerful folks — some research indicates happiness is contagious.Step 5: Count your blessings(学会感恩)Write down five things that you’re grateful for every single day. Transplant patients who did this reported more energy and a deeper sense of well-being.Norman Vincent Peale, the author of The Power of Positive Thinking, lived to be 95.201007/108704

The wheelie is the first trick that most people learn on a bike. It is a classic, and forms the basis of many more advanced moves, and is there for a trick that should be mastered by any BMX rider. Jason Forde of Team Extreme shows how to pull off the wheelie.滑轮是大多数人学习骑自行车的第一个技巧。这是一个典型的动作,也是许多更高级动作的基础,更是任何小轮车骑手都应该熟练掌握的技巧。来自极限竞速团队的杰森弗勒向我们展示了如何完成这一动作。Step 1: Pull up1.手把First off, pull up gently on the handlebars as you ride along. This neednt be too forceful.起步时,向上提起手把。不需要太用力。Ensure you keep your weight even on either side of the bike to prevent the handle bars from twisting.保体重均匀地分布在车子两侧,以防车身扭转。Step 2: Shirting weight2.重心后移At the same time as pulling on the handle bars, transfer your weight over the back wheel so that you are standing on the peddles and your behind is over the rear wheel. This will pull the front wheel into the air.在拉起手把的同时,将身体重心后移,使身体在后轮的正上方,这就能使前轮翘起。Step 3: Peddling3.前行As the front wheel comes up move the bike forward by starting to peddle. Do this in a smooth and consistent motion, not too fast, and with the peddles starting in the upright position. You are aiming to keep your centre of gravity still with your head fixed in one spot, and your arms stiff.前轮翘起来时,蹬车前进。保持动作的平稳连续,不要太快,同时身体要直立,保持头部水平位置稳定,双手抓牢。To ride out, simply transfer your weight gently back to the front of the bike.结束时,将身体重心重新移到车子的前部。Thanks for watching How To Do A Wheelie.谢谢收看“小轮车杂耍”节目。 /201208/195889

Dust and dirt could be become your computers worst nightmare. Instead of reaching for commercial cleaning products that could damage your computer or irritate your eyes or respiratory system, save a few dollars and clean the eco-friendly way.Follow these easy steps to find out how to clean your computer safely and organically using vinegar.灰尘和污垢可能是你的电脑最糟糕的噩梦。商业性的清洁产品可能毁坏你的电脑,或刺激你的眼睛和呼吸系统。省下这笔钱,以环保的方式来清洁你的电脑是更好的选择。遵循以下建议,使用醋来安全环保地清洁电脑。Step 1: You will need1.你需要White distilled vinegar,Damp cloth,Vacuum cleaner蒸馏过的白醋,湿布,真空吸尘器Step 2: The Wipe Down2.擦拭If your computer is especially dusty, use a vacuum cleaner to clean the keyboard, mouse and the monitor. This will make it easier to wipe away any dirt using the vinegar.如果你的电脑被大量灰尘覆盖,使用真空吸尘器来清洁键盘,鼠标和显示器。这可以让你更轻松地用醋擦掉任何污垢。Step 3: Forget The Static3.避免静电Take your damp cloth and put a little white distilled vinegar on it. A damp cloth will protect your computer from the damaging effects of static. Using white distilled vinegar is safe, highly effective and very inexpensive. Begin wiping down the cables, mouse, keyboard and monitor. Your computer is now dirt and static free.拿一块湿布,倒上一些蒸馏过的白醋。湿布可以保护电脑免于静电的危害。使用蒸馏过的白醋是安全,高效和廉价的。开始擦拭网线,鼠标,键盘和显示器。现在,你的电脑完全没有污垢和静电了。Step 4: Done.4.完成Thanks for watching How To Clean Your Computer With Vinegar感谢收看“怎样用醋清洁电脑”视频节目。201210/203382Are you one of the 17 million people who have never met an item you didn’t want to buy? You might be a shopaholic.You Will NeedSelf-evaluation Honesty Step 1: Evaluate why you shop(你为什么喜欢购物?)Evaluate why you shop. Valid reasons—you need food or clothes. Bad reasons—you’re bored, stressed, depressed, or just got your paycheck.Step 2: Explore your feelings(购物让你感觉如何?)Think about how shopping makes you feel. If buying something new gives you an incredible rush followed by horrible guilt—you might have a problem.Step 3: Look around your home(你买的是需要的还是想要的?)Look around your home—are most of the items in it things you needed, or stuff you wanted?Step 4: Check out your closets(你的衣柜里面是否摆满了带着标签的衣?)Check out your closets. A shopaholic’s wardrobe is filled with clothes that still have their tags and shoes that have never seen the light of day.If you’re on a first name basis with all the UPS guys, or can name every pitch person on the Shopping Network, you may have some spending issues.Step 5: Examine your conscience(你是否曾经向你的爱人或家人隐瞒你买的东西,或虚报它们的价格?)Examine your conscience. Do you find yourself trying to justify purchases to yourself and others? Do you ever hide packages? Lie about how much you’ve spent? Have you ever snuck a new garment into the house in a dry cleaner bag to conceal you’d bought something new?Step 6: Assess your willpower(你是不是有很强的购物欲?)Assess your willpower. Shopaholics find themselves unable to resist buying things—even when they know their credit cards are maxed out.Step 7: Get help(如果你都是,那么赶紧行动起来,找其他的事情来自己,不要沉迷于购物; )Get help if you failed our little test. Cut up the credit cards, find fun ways to fill your time that don’t involve buying anything, join Debtors Anonymous, or get therapy to discover the deeper issues behind your compulsive spending.Marie Antoinette, Mary Todd Lincoln, Jackie Kennedy, and Princess Diana are all believed to have been shopaholics.201001/95671After a rough break-up or divorce, its not easy to get back in the game, so you may need some help.经过痛苦的分手或离婚后,重新开始恋爱生活并不容易,所以你需要一些帮助。You Will Need你需要The ability to handle rejection处理遭受拒绝的能力Memberships in various clubs不同俱乐部的会员身份Free time自由时间An online dating service (optional)网上约会务(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Determine that youre y1.做好准备Figure out if youre y to date again. If you can picture yourself with somebody other than your ex, you might be y to start.反省一下,自己是否做好了重新开始约会的准备。如果你能够想象出自己和前任以外的其他人在一起的情景,你或许可以重新开始了。Look at pictures of and talk to friends about your ex to see what you feel. If you still hurt, you may need more time.看看前任的照片,或者和朋友聊一下前任,看一下自己是什么感觉。如果你仍然很伤心,你或许还需要一点时间。Step 2 Determine if you can handle rejection2.遭受拒绝自己能否接受Picture yourself getting rejected, and ask yourself if you can handle it. Once you know you can, theres no reason to hold back.想像一下,如果自己被拒绝,能否恰当应对。一旦知道自己可以处理,就没有理由停止不前了。Step 3 Get involved3.参加俱乐部Join as many different clubs, groups, and organizations as you can. This will get you out there meeting people without actually going on a date.尽量多参加一些不同的俱乐部,团体或组织。这样可以让你水到渠成地多认识一些人,而不需要专门去约会。Try online dating. Even if you never follow through on any dates, its an emotional step in the right direction.尝试网上约会。即使你不能遇到合适的约会对象,这也是向正确的方向前进的令人激动的一步。Step 4 Define your needs4.确定自己的需求Define what you want and need -- to yourself and whomever you begin seeing. Its important to be honest with people so you can avoid wasting time.确定自己的要求和需求——对自己的和对约会对象的。要对人真诚,这很重要,可以避免浪费时间。Step 5 Persist5.坚持Be persistent. Dating invariably involves failures and awkward situations. Learn to laugh at them and chalk them up to experience.持之以恒。约会难免遇到失败和尴尬的情景。学会笑着面对,当作难忘的经历。Don’t always blame yourself when a date goes poorly; but also be honest with yourself.如果约会情况不尽如人意,不要总是责怪自己;但是对自己要坦诚。Step 6 Allow yourself to be happy6.开心面对Allow yourself to have fun and be happy. Treat dating as an experience rather than an inconvenience, and you will find somebody.允许自己开开心心地生活。把约会当成一种经历,而不是一种麻烦,你一定会找到心仪的另一半。201303/227935

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: See if you can ID me.看看你能否辨别出我。Im a U.S. national monument thats more than 300 feet tall and weighs more than 150 tons.我是美国国家纪念碑,我有300多英尺高,150多吨重。I was a gift from France.我是来自法国的礼物。In one hand, Im holding a tablet, and in the other, Im holding a torch.我一手拿着一张纸片,一手举着一只火炬。Im the Statue of Liberty, and Sunday is my 126th birthday.我是自由女神,这个周日是我的126周年纪念日。AZUZ: The day after its 125th birthday, the statue was closed for repairs, set to open back up on Sunday.它的125周年纪念日之后,这个雕像为了维修而关闭了,并会在这周日重新开放。Zoraida Sambolin joined a few wounded warriors, U.S. military veterans who were injured in combat, for a sneak preview of some of the monuments upgrades.Zoraida Sambolin加入了一些受伤的战士,在战争中受伤的美国老兵,提前探班这个纪念碑的一些升级装修。 /201210/206856We have nothing to fear but fear itself. Whatever. The point is: How do you stop being such a wimp? Courage.You Will NeedDetermination to overcome your fear or fears And bravery (duh) A martial arts course (optional) Step 1: Write a list of fears(列出令自己害怕的事物)A list of fears: Tacos, Curbs and crossword puzzlesStep 2: Think of solutions(寻求解决方法)Contemplating the curbTackle your biggest fears in the summer.Step 3: Do research(调查研究)ing: Taco Phobias and being chased by a tacoStep 4: Learn martial arts(学习武术)Martial arts movesStep 5: Do things that scare you.(尝试哪些你不敢尝试的事)Fight the tacoAccording to one poll, the top three American fears are snakes, public speaking, and heights.201002/95917

201002/96889Tom Cole, head of horticulture and landscaping from Capel Manor College, advises us on the best way to deal with black spot leaf disease. Watch this VideoJug on how to care for your plant when it gets black spot leaf disease.卡贝尔·蒙纳学院园艺和园林负责人汤姆·科尔为我们提供了治疗黑斑病的最佳方法。观看VideoJug这段视频,了解植物感染黑斑病时怎样处理。Step 1: You will need1.你需要Secateurs,pesticide and fungicide spray剪枝夹,杀虫剂和杀菌剂喷壶Step 2: Identify the disease2.鉴别疾病The symptoms of black spot are small round black patches, ranging from 1 millimetre to 1 centimetre, on the upper side of the leaf. The tissue around the spots turns yellow, and the leaves fall prematurely.黑斑病的特征是叶子上表面有小小的黑色圆斑,直径从1毫米到1厘米不等。斑点周围的叶片组织变黄,叶片提前剥落。Step 3: Cultural control3.修剪控制As soon as you see any signs of black spot, remove the infected leaves with the secateurs or by hand. Gather all the debris from around the base of the plant too. Burn the leaves and debris or throw them away - never put them in the compost heap as this will sp the disease.一旦发现黑斑的迹象,立即用剪枝夹或手清除感染的叶片。将所有脱落的叶片从植株根部周围清理掉。将这些叶片和垃圾焚烧或扔掉——千万不要用它们制作堆肥,否则会使这种疾病传播。Do this throughout the year, whenever black spot occurs.无论何时,每次黑斑病爆发的时候都要进行这项工作。Step 4: Chemical controls4.化学品控制Some gardeners use spray to control black spot. For the best results this should be applied after cultural controls, but may be an option if removing all the diseased leaves would leave your plant bare! Always follow the instructions on the spray container. Hold the bottle about 30 centimetres away from the plant and spray enough to coat the leaf, but not cause drips.Treat the plant either early or late in the day, so you dont spray pollen sping insects like bees. Wait 14 days and then repeat.一些花匠喷洒药物来控制黑斑病。为了取得最好的效果,化学药物应该在修剪控制之后使用。但是,如果太过严重,清除患病叶片会让你的植株变得光秃秃的,那还是直接喷洒药物吧。一定要遵循喷雾器上的说明。喷雾器距离植株30厘米的距离,喷洒的药物一定要覆盖所有叶片,但是不要让药物滴下来。在早上或傍晚喷洒药物,这样不会喷到传授花粉的蜜蜂等昆虫。14天过后再次喷洒。Step 5: Prevention5.预防Spraying can minimise sp but it wont stop blackspot all together. The healthier the plant, the less likely it is to catch the disease. To avoid blackspot in the future, keep your plants well-watered and fed.喷洒药物可以将黑斑病的传播最小化,但是不可能完全制止黑斑病。植株越健康,感染黑斑病的可能性越大。为了将来避免黑斑病,一定要为植株做好浇水和施肥工作。Thanks for watching How To Deal With Black Spot Leaf Disease感谢收看“怎样应对叶片黑斑病”视频节目。201210/202906Steps步骤Step 1 Keep washcloths in the fridge冷冻毛巾Keep a stash of washcloths in your refrigerator. Apply one to your face each morning to temporarily tighten pores, reduce swelling, get rid of puffy eyes, and eliminate any redness.在冰箱里常备一条毛巾。每天早晨冰敷脸部可起到收缩毛孔,消除浮肿,去眼袋和减少肌肤红血丝的作用。Step 2 Prepare a ginseng drink人参泡水Buy whole Panax ginseng root – not Siberian ginseng – and soak a paper-thin slice in 4 ounces of distilled water for 30 minutes. Pour the water into the bottom of a double boiler and steam the ginseng in the top part for one hour.买一人参的根须,西伯利亚人参除外,切成纸一样薄厚,泡在4盎司蒸馏水中,浸泡30分钟。在双层蒸锅下层加水,将浸泡后的人参放在上层蒸1小时。Step 3 Drink up早晨半杯人参水Drink half the liquid before breakfast, and the other half anytime the next day. Repeat daily for 10 to 30 days. Ginseng is rich in antioxidants that help prevent wrinkles.早餐前喝半杯人参水,并且第二天继续这么做,坚持10到30天。人参富含抗氧化剂,能够防止皮肤产生皱纹。Warning: If you are pregnant, have a medical condition, or are taking medication, consult your doctor before drinking ginseng water.警示:妇,有过敏史和长期药的人群要事先询问个人医师。Step 4 Make a pearl mask珍珠粉敷脸Get some pearl powder from an herbalist or order online. Mix 1 teaspoon of it with one egg white and half a teaspoon of honey. Apply it to your face and let it set for 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water. Pearl powder is rich in calcium and the natural protein conchiolin, which helps cells regenerate and stay hydrated.从草药医师那儿或网上商城弄点儿珍珠粉。一汤匙珍珠粉加一个鸡蛋蛋清,半汤匙蜂蜜,搅拌均匀。将搅拌好的面膜涂在脸上,敷面20分钟。用温水洗净。珍珠粉富含钙质和天然珍珠蛋白,Tip: Wipe your face with a warm, wet washcloth before applying the mask; moist skin is better at absorbing nutrients.小贴士:做珍珠粉面膜前,用温润毛巾敷脸,湿润脸部肌肤可以使皮肤更好地吸收养分。Step 5 Moisturize with coconut椰子保湿Shred a fresh coconut and simmer it with an equal amount of water or milk until its frothy. Strain it through cheesecloth and refrigerate. Skim off the cream that hardens on the top and rub it into your skin to moisturize.将椰子肉切碎,并和等量的水或牛奶混合煮沸。将煮好的液体放进粗麻布中过滤,将过滤后液体上方漂浮的精华涂抹于脸上保湿。Step 6 Carry a parasol使用遮阳伞Carry a parasol on sunny days. It helps protect you from skin damage caused by the sun. (But you should still wear sunscreen!)在炎炎夏日使用遮阳伞。它能防止阳光造成的肌肤伤害。(即使使用遮阳伞,也要使用防晒面霜)Fact: In the 18th and 19th centuries, facial powders containing nightingale droppings were popular in Japan because the bird poops enzymes were thought to prevent wrinkles and stimulate circulation.小常识:在18,19世纪的日本,人们脸部使用的散粉是由夜莺的粪便制成的,因为鸟类的粪便可以预防产生皱纹,促进血液循环。You Will Need你需要Washcloths毛巾Panax ginseng root人参根Pearl powder珍珠粉An egg white鸡蛋白Honey蜂蜜A fresh coconut新鲜的椰子A cheesecloth粗棉布A parasol阳伞201208/197084

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