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Im shocked.我震惊了。一个简单的shocked就可以表达“震惊,吓到了”这样的意思。谈论旅游Where did you go?你们去了哪里?A:Where did you go?你们去了哪里?B: Beijing. I like that city.北京。我喜欢那个城市。What was your trip like?旅行感觉如何?A:What was your trip like?旅行感觉如何?B:I had much fun.我觉得旅行很有意思。句型What is…like?指的是“…怎么样?”。Could you tell me what your trip was like? Tell me about your trip.讲述一下你的旅行好吗?A: Could you tell me what your trip was like?讲述一下你的旅行好吗?B: Oh, not bad, but very tiring.哦,挺不错的,就是感到很累。What did you think of Canada? What did you think of Canada?你认为加拿大如何?A:What did you think of Canada?你认为加拿大如何?B: Its a very beautiful country.那是一个非常美丽的国家。Whats there to see?有哪些地方值得游览的?A:Whats there to see?有哪些地方值得游览的?B: Well, theres an old imperial palace.嗯,那儿有一个古老的皇宫。imperial a. 皇帝的Where do you think is better for shopping in Beijing?北京哪里适合购物?A: Where do you think is better for shopping in Beijing?北京哪里适合购物?B: Wangfujing Street,I think. There are lots of shops.王府井大街吧。那里有很多商店。Whats the weather like in Beijing?北京的天气如何?A: Whats the weather like in Beijing?北京的天气如何?B:Its kind of cool.有点凉。kind of意为“有点儿”,在口语中常缩略为“kinda;。How were the restaurants there?那里的餐馆怎么样?A: How were the restaurants there?那里的餐馆怎么样?B: Theyre wonderful, and not expensive.很不错,而且不贵。Did you have any language problems?语言沟通有问题吗?A: Did you have any language problems?语言沟通有问题吗?B:Its not a problem.没有问题。Did you have any complaint about the trip?你对旅行有不满意的地方吗?A: Did you have any complaint about the trip?你对旅行有不满意的地方吗?B: Yes. Traveling is expensive, as I know to my cost.有,旅行费用太昂贵,这是我亲身感受到的。complaint n. 抱怨,不满to ones cost。付出代价后才…,吃亏后才…”Where do you want to go next year?明年你想去哪儿?A: Where do you want to go next year?明年你想去哪儿?B: I dont want to travel any more我再也不想旅行了。 /201412/347974

Youre an asshole.你这个混蛋!You think youre such a hero.你觉得自己是个英雄吗!Youre nothing but an asshole.你是个一无是处的混蛋!I apologize to the people of Los Angeles.我向洛杉矶市民真诚地道歉。My behavior has been improper, and I accept the consequences.我的行为不当,我愿意承担后果。I ask my fellow Angelinos...for their patience and understanding.我恳求得到洛杉矶市民的……耐心和谅解。 /201210/204631

今天Larry和Li Hua一起去听讲座。上课前聊起了彼此的兴趣。 Li Hua要学习两个常用语:glued to ones seat和at the end of ones rope。LH: Larry, 老师上次布置的作业你做了吗?第五题怎么写呀?LL: Number 5...number 5...I didnt do that one either.LH: 第五题你也不会啊,那怎么交差啊...(Larry looks around the room and sees Amy)LL: Hey! We can ask Amy. She probably knows how to do this problem.LH: Amy? 可你怎么知道她肯定会做呢? 搞不好她也跟我们一样。LL: But shes always glued to her seat during the lectures. Im sure she gets good grades because she pays so much attention.LH: 你说她每次讲座都粘在椅子上?有人恶作剧吗?LL: No, not literally glued to her seat. To be glued to ones seat means to be so interested and involved with something that one doesnt move at all.LH: 哦,我明白了,你的意思是说Amy is always glued to her seat, 她上课听得特别专心,一动不动,所以学得一定不错,那我们真地可以去问她!LL: Thats right. Thats exactly what I was trying to say, Li Hua.LH: 那我可不可以说,如果我看到白马王子, I will be glued to my seat? 我一定会深深地被他吸引,无法动弹的...LL: Mmm...you really dream about meeting Prince Charming all day long, dont you? Usually, the term ;to be glued to ones seat; is only used to describe an activity. For example, you can be glued to your seat when youre playing your favorite game, or watching a suspenseful movie etc.LH: 是吗..所以这句话通常是用在形容对某件事情的热情,比如说,Larry is always glued to his seat when he s childrens books! 这样造句对吗?LL: Yeah thats right. Except did you really have to mention childrens books? I just like them because my mom used to to me all the time.LH: 哈哈,当然要提到你有多么爱读儿童故事书啊。这是我能想到的Larry唯一的嗜好,要不然你说说看,自己有更热爱的事情吗?LL: Okay, let me think! Theres got to be something that better represents my intellectual interests...(Long pause)LH: 想不出来吧?你还是放弃吧。LL: Fine. I guess Im at the end of my rope.LH: 什么?你说;Im at the end of my rope;是什么意思啊怎么连绳子都跑出来了?你可别想不开啊。LL: To be at the end of your rope means to be out of options. It means youre stuck in a bad situation.LH: 原来是指你无路可退的意思。你看,我比你自己还要了解你,儿童故事书是你的最爱,还是承认吧。LL: OK, quit laughing. Its just a little hobby of mine that I childrens books. I doubt your interests are any better. Hmmm let me think...you like to dance, you like to go shopping, you like to...LH: 哎,不用想了! 不管你怎么想,一定想不到一个跟读儿童故事书一样奇怪的兴趣。Youre at the end of your rope Larry!LL: Youre right, I am at the end of my rope. But once again, ing childrens books is just a good memory I have from childhood.LH: 奇怪, 班上好安静喔.(Larry looks at watch)LL: Class aly started! Hey, what about that question on the homework? We have to turn it in today!LH: 什么??已经开始上课了? 那我们的功课怎么办呢?LL: I guess were at the end of our ropes...今天李华从Larry那儿学到两个常用语。一个是glued to ones seat, 是指一个人非常专注于某件事情,集中精力,一动不动。另一个at the end of ones rope意思是走头无路,没有其它的选择。 /201205/182149今天要讲的几个习惯用语意义接近。它们都用来说不同寻常的人或事,而且既可以是褒义的也可能是贬义的。换句话说这些说法可以指杰出而不平凡的人或者事,也可能用来说古怪少见的人或事。今天要学的第一个习惯说法是:doozie。 前总统克林顿在离任前最后一星期曾经回老家阿肯色州去探望父老乡亲,感谢他们的拥护和持,并且向他们告别。他在当时的讲话里回忆起自己上次回乡,当时的情景历历在目。他这样说:例句-1:(There was) a doozie of a storm, a real doozie of a storm.他想起他上次回家正碰上一场猛烈的暴风雨,狂风大作,急雨滂沱。事实上那场暴风雨还引发洪水成灾。既然如此,那可不是一场好雨,可见doozie可以用来指不同寻常而且又有坏影响的事情。我们再听个例子。说话的人要告诉我们他昨晚看的一场篮球赛。请你听听他用doozie来指好事还是坏事。例句-2:The game was certainly a doozie. Both teams were playing hard and it was close all the way but our team won with a last-second basket. It ended 91 to 90 - a great game to watch!他说:这可真是场出色的比赛。双方都尽力而为,自始至终比分接近,但是我方球队由于最后一秒投篮得分而赢得了胜利。终局比分是91比90。这场球好看极了!说话的人听来非常赞赏这场比赛,因为球员们表现出色,整个赛程紧张热烈,扣人心弦,直到最后关头才定胜负,所以他话里的doozie是指出色的球赛。Doozie这个习惯说法大约在二十世纪二十年代出现。大家都说不清楚它的出典究竟是什么,但是有人说doozie可能是Duesenberg这个词的缩写形式,而Duesenberg是美国早年一种名贵的高级汽车的牌名。这些人解释说,人们因此就用doozie来说出色的人或者东西了。******今天要学的第二个习惯说法是: humdinger。 你要是把某事称为humdinger,那你的意思就是它相当特别,或者既了不起又杰出。我们听个例子,说话的人要告诉我们夏天他和女朋友一起作了一次令人心旷神怡的旅行。例句-3:We took our bikes and bicycled through the New England woods. The scenery was beautiful, the weather was great, the food was fine - it was a humdinger of a holiday.他说:我们带上自己的自行车一路骑车穿越新英格兰的树林。沿路景色优美、气候宜人、食品又可口。这次假期真是其乐无穷。这段话里的humdinger就指极其逍遥自在的旅行,但是humdinger有时也可以用来指不如人意的事情。例如在这句话里: Ive got a humdinger of a headache. 这句话说: 我头疼得要命。这里的humdinger of a headache是指非常利害的头疼。******今天要学的第三个习惯说法很简短易记: lulu。 Lulu和前两个习惯说法一样也指了不起的,出色的人或者物。 Lulu约莫在十九世纪八十年代的时候就开始流传了。在十九世纪六十年代前后,人们开始把女性的一个名字Louise简缩成lulu,然后人们逐渐用lulu来指一个出众的人,如今更是常用lulu来指引人注目的美丽女性。有一种解释是既然lulu来自Louise这个女性的名字, lulu是 Louise的爱称,所以人们似乎是自然而然会用lulu来指可爱的女性了。在我们要听的例子里lulu就是这个意思。这是个大学生在跟同学刚转学来他班上的新生Sally:例句-4:I always hated getting up for my 8 oclock biology class. But I get there early now to see this new girl named Sally with long blond hair and a great figure. Man, shes a real lulu!他说:我老是很讨厌起床赶八点钟的生物课,但是现在我却早早去上课,就是为了看看那个名叫Sally的新女生,她金发披肩,体态优美。嗨,她可真有魅力!这段话里的lulu指那位金美女Sally。 Sally有出众的美貌,可见lulu可以指出色的人。 /201409/327976

She seemed very relaxed in her natural setting as it were.她似乎十分悠然自得;;可以说是有自己随遇而安的天地。 /201203/175721

经典句型:Will this flight get there on time? 航班能按时到达吗?A:Will this flight get there on time?甲:航班能按时到达吗?B:Sorry, maybe we are half an hour late.乙:抱歉,我们大概晚点半个小时。A:I see.甲:我知道了。经典句型:How long will the flight stay at Qingdao? 航班会在青岛停留多久?A:How long will the flight stay at Qingdao?甲:航班会在靑岛停留多久?B:About half an hour.乙:大概半个小时。A:Can I stay here then?甲:我可以待在飞机上吗?B:Sorry. You have to stay in the waiting hall.乙:对不起。您必须在候机厅等候。A:I see.甲:我知道了。句型讲解:on time是“按时、准肘”的意思,in time表示“及时”。 /201405/301273Fighting a cold对抗感冒How do you fight a cold?你怎样和感冒作斗争?When I get sick, I think every kind of bad strategy is manageable.当我生病时,我认为每一种不好的办法都是可行的Perhaps you can let me know some ways to get over a cold or give me some ideas that I haven’t tried yet for the next time I get sick.也许下次我生病时你可以告诉我些方法来摆脱感冒抑或是我还没有尝试过的方法。I try to dress warmly;我试着穿暖;I often use the humidifier;我经常使用加湿器;I drink tea, I suck on oranges;我喝茶,我吃桔子。I eat plenty of soup;我喝很多汤;I gargle warm salt water;我用温和的盐水漱口;I take plenty of vitamin C.我用很多的维生素C。If that doesnt work, I go to the doctor.如果这都不行,我就会去看医生。Sometimes I even go to the bathhouse and hang out the sauna to treat me through the hot stream.有时我甚至去澡堂蒸桑拿通过热流贯穿全身。One time I went to the sauna and had to keep a towel over my head because the steam room was full of guys with dragon tattoos all over their bodies.有一次我去蒸桑拿,我必须用一条毛巾包住我的头,因为桑拿室内都是身体上纹满了龙纹身的男子们。Most of all, I just try to get some rest.最重要的是,我只是想好好休息。It seems that the body does certain natural healing while you sleep.看来是在你睡觉的时候人体会进行某些自愈。I wonder if I am doing enough.我想自己十分做的足够多。Once again, if you can think something I am missing or doing wrong.再一次,如果你想到我落下或做错的。Please let me know.请让我知道。That would really help me out the next time I catch a cold.那在我下次我感冒的时候真的能帮助我渡过难关。Talk about it:谈论下面的话题:How often do you get sick?你多久会生一次病?Do you go to the doctor when you sick?当你生病的时候你会去看医生吗?How long do you stay sick for?你会病多久?Do you still go to work or school when you are sick?当你生病的时候,你还是会去上班或上学吗?How do you take care of a cold?你如何应对感冒?Do you know any home remedies for taking care of a cold?你知道有什么偏方治疗感冒吗?What was the worst part about having a cold?关于患感冒最糟糕的地方是什么?What are some strategies for preventing a cold?有什么预防感冒的策略吗? /201203/176893

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